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Stem Cells are not fully differentiated and not yet mature. It has the potential function to regenerate all kinds of tissues and organs, known as "multi-purpose cells". Stem cells can constantly update and reproduce, differentiated into cel

    Do you know the cycle of human aging?

    The reduction and ageing of stem cells is the root cause of aging


    Stem Cells are not fully differentiated and not yet mature. It has the potential function to regenerate all kinds of tissues and organs, known as "multi-purpose cells".

    Stem cells can constantly update and reproduce, differentiated into cells with different functions.


    When the body is developing, injured, or attacked by virus, stem cells can replicate and split into many cells, and further differentiate into cells needed by the human body, so as to repair injured tissues or replace the dead cells.


    Stem cell's main function is to guarantee the healthy operation of various tissues in the human body, and update the aging, injured or dead cells.


    Stem cells have the potential to become any type of cells in the human body, and they can be found in many tissues, such as embryo, placenta and its appendages, cord blood, bone marrow blood, peripheral blood, and fat tissues.


    Each tissue or organ in the human body has stem cells. The quantity and quality of the stem cells determine the function of tissues and organs


    As we getting older, the quantity and quality of stem cells in the body gradually decline, unable to generate enough functional cells and replace the old ones, leading to aging and disease.


    Therefore, the recovery of active cells is the key to inhibit aging, and prevent various diseases.


    The role stem cells

    Activate rest cells: rest cells no longer have cell function, and stem cells can activate rest cells and restore the original functions.

    Restore damaged cells: in the process of metabolism, cells can be affected by external environment factors. Unfavorable factors can lead to cell damage, and stem cells can restore damaged cells, and prevent cell mutation.

    Alternate dead cells: dead cells are caused by physical or biological factors. Stem cells can replace the dead cells, improve cell metabolism, and stop aging.

    Regenerate living cells: stem cells have the potential of multi-differentiation. They can increase the number of functional cells, strengthen the activity, and stop aging.


    Four advantages of stem cell anti-aging

    Safe and reliable: adopt autologous stem cells, prepared in GMP center, with no foreign matter, no rejection, and no side effects.

    Fast: obvious immune improvement within 72 hours; eliminate inferior health within 1 month; comprehensive optimization of the body function within 3 months.

    Durable: different from the traditional way, it balances the organ function on cellular level, and activates the self-healing force. The effect lasts for several years.

    Trine: it can reverse aging and prevent potential diseases, providing prevention, treatment and health care.

    Stem cell reverse aging therapy, through transfusion of autologous adult stem cells, sending stem cells to damaged organs and tissues, promotes cell regeneration. It activates the self-healing function, replaces diseased cells, increases new cells, improves the activity and quality of cells, prevents tissue lesion, and restores the physiological function of tissues and organs, so as to repair the sub-health, enhance immunity, reverse aging and prolong life.


    Get rid of sub-health

    1. "Beer belly" appears in 30 to 50 years old. It is a sign of maturity, accompanied with hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, high blood pressure, and coronary heart disease.

    2. Alopecia is caused by the work pressure and mental tension.

    3. Going to the bathroom frequently between the ages of 30 to 40 years old, it means the digestive system and urinary system begins to decline

    4. Middle aged male has poor sexual ability, abdominal pain, or impotence. Middle aged female has premature menopause. They are the first signal of overall recession.

    5.Memory loss, like start to forget the acquaintance's name.

    6. Mental ability becomes worse and worse.

    7. Regret all the time, and suffer from irascibility, fidgety and pessimism, difficult to control the emotions.

    8. The ability to concentrate is getting worse.

    9. Cannot get enough sleep.

    10. Have daydreaming with unknown reason, difficult to concentrate.


    Stem cells’ anti-aging effect

    Inhibit aging: eliminate the symptoms of sub-health, making the body young.

    Prevent virus intrusion: improve liver cirrhosis, stroke, hemiplegia; reduce hyperglycaemia, hypertension; ease and cure rheumatism, stubborn migraine headach, dizziness; restore lumbar muscle, aching symptom.

    Restore tissues and organs: adjust endocrine system, immune system, blood system, digestive system, urinary system, reproductive system, so as to recover physiological function to the best state.

    Improve internal recycling: keep stem cells in a state around the age of 25. Speed up the development of new functional cells, effectively promote bone marrow hematopoietic function, accelerate the blood circulation, remove toxins from the blood, and reduce cholesterol.


    Prevent arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and stroke. Effectively reduce hyperglycaemia and hypertension.

    Improve sleeping quality, eliminate wrinkles, spots, tighten pouch, making the skin delicate, smooth and elastic.

    Improve immunity, prevent the spread of diseases such as flu, TB, and pneumonia, restore the damaged liver, stomach, kidney and others, and maintain the health and vitality.


    Female: restore ovarian function, promote estrogen and progesterone secretion, maintain ovulation regularity, improve and eliminate the symptoms of menopause, having menstrual extension of 8-10 years; update the gonad cells, increase the secretion of hormones; improve inflammation, remove fibroids and breast lumps, uplift female breasts; enhance sexual function, tighten vaginal wall, restore physique and skin color.

    Male: perform physical enhancement, increase stamina, and improve sexual function to at least 4 times than before, make the body 10 to 15 years younger.


    China Life Health is committed to apply international life science to Chinase health industry, and introduce Chinase life science to the world. The Group has exclusive cultivation technology and equipment of hematopoietic stem cell, and nine invention patents at home and abroad (the United States, the European Union, China, Hong Kong). It becomes a biotech company has the most invention patents of hematopoietic stem cell technology in the world. The Group has technologies leading the industry with international reputation, such as CAS-T (Combined antigens stimulated T cells), precision medical and chronic disease intervention system, anti-aging engineering, gene detection technology, precision life system management and so on. It can solve the customer's all-round health problems, praised by all.

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