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Health and Health and US medical giant FMG signed a strategic cooperation agreement

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On May 12, 2017, Zhongsheng Health Industry Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Family Medical Group (hereinafter referred to as "FMG"), the leading center of the family health care industry in Shenzhen, and introduced the leading international family medical program Greater China at the same time, the layout of the United States, Europe and the Middle East market, for the October Health Health listed in the US securities market a major step!

(Figure left: Health and Industry Group Chairman Ding Xiaomei

Right: Roger, founder of Family Medical Group LLC)

FMG founder Roger Farahmand made a special trip from the United States rushed to Shenzhen in-depth study Health, Health and Health Industry Group, Miss Ding Xiaomei, executive director of wheat, strategic development chief adviser Zhang Yijian, Zhongsheng International CEO Victor Cauchi and experts Chief slow disease management housekeeper Xu Shengzhi, etc. attended the signing ceremony!


(Figure: Health and senior high school and Roger photo)

Headquartered in Texas, FMG is an international medical organization with more than 25 years of focus on health care. FMG has a number of international standards of laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals and medical facilities, access to US and European medical permits, its more than 100 clinics located in the United States and the United Kingdom, can provide a number of exclusive medical health testing and analysis business The At the same time, FMG has a health care education platform, specifically to cultivate the US government recognized professional nurses and nurses.

FMG is eager to further develop precision medical and regenerative medicine, and health benefits in the global context to improve the international competitiveness of health care, while ensuring that the return on investment of both shareholders.

Since December 2016, Zhongsheng Health started the US listing plan, has been the capital side and peer attention. Relying on well-funded international financial group China Capital Industrial Group as a backup, in the three years of health has built the first Shenzhen and Hong Kong mirror cell platform and Hong Kong's first set of biomedical, precision medical and large data analysis application Integrated research platform, in the gene sequencing, life bank, cell therapy, private anti-aging, precision medical and other fields ahead of the industry, is the first in Greater China to provide precision life system management services of high-tech enterprises.

At the same time to help the country to achieve "healthy China" 2030 strategic planning, the Health has always been committed to more people to enjoy the cutting-edge life science and technology to bring high-quality healthy life, adhere to the forefront of international life sciences, Healthy and tireless efforts!


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