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Wang Jun

Physician of Clinical Surgery

Physician of Clinical Cell Therapy

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of China Life Health Industry Group

Researcher in Stem Cell Transformation Center, East Hospital, Tongji University

Mr. Wang has clinical experience for more than 20 years, served as a surgeon in the Shanghai Armed Police Corps Hospital. In 2007, He started stem cell clinical application and anti-aging project in Shanghai. It was the first time in China that adipose-derived stem cell technologies were transformed and applied in clinical trials and aesthetic health care. After more than 10 years working in the stem cell industry, he has unique medical opinions on stem cell medical projects.

As an important leader in China Life Holding Group, Mr. Wang integrated and established tumor screening, prevention, intervention and treatment system. Once, he was responsible for the construction, operation and management of three stem cell banks, and he was a member of the expert group for the standardization of Shenzhen stem cell clinical application.